Monday, July 31, 2006


Last night I was working another shift in the ED (emergency dept) and was once again annoyed by the absolute abuses taking place. It was the night shift lasting from 9 PM till 7 AM, and I was having a relatively good shift. I was working though patients quickly, solving problems, diagnosing, and getting them out the door or to the floor efficiently. Unfortunately, around 3-4 AM the usual folks walked through the door. This is the "It's 3 AM and I have a cold" crew of which I speak. OK, for those of you out there who can relate to these people, you're idiots. These people, who come in all ages and ethnicities, come into the ED in the middle of the night with nothing more than a cold or flu. What's even worse is that these same knobs, if I don't get to them right away because I'm off trying to help someone who actually is sick or dying, get upset and give me attitude because they have to wait for so long. Screw you. First of all, it's an ER, not a restaurant. It is not first come, first serve. If you think so, don't come in the first place because you'll just end up disappointed. And for those of you who do come to see me in the middle of the night with some benign and pathetic complaint, I will still treat you with the same care and professionalism you don't deserve.


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And of course, without any doubt in my mind, after 2 aerosols and and clear bs t/o both, this "horrible" cold virus was treated and taken care of in the ED paid for by our tax dollars. By "our" tax dollars, I am referring to those of us who work full time and pay our monthly premiums and still go to school full time to further our education only to support these indigent assholes so I can lose some more cash from my paycheck. So here at 0338 in the AM after being awake for 18 hours and knowing I still have at least 8 more to go, I say to you, you dead beat jobless medicaid losers, get off your ass, get out of our ED and get a job and a freaking PCP so you quit wasting the time and money of our ED physicians and staff.

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