Friday, October 20, 2006


I am getting sick of all the media-hype surrounding the man. Ok, he was a congressman, maybe flirted with young men, maybe even was abused by some priest, but it is all getting way too old.

I am sick of turning on the television and seeing junk like this. Why can't the news be about something good that happened. Instead, most nightly news programs focus on the people shot and killed that day, the new rape cases in the local park, or the [insert new political scandal here]. The American media systems sucks. We are so focussed on all the shit and human stupidity in this country that we have completely lost focus on the wonderful things humans do.

People use negative reinforcement to deal with unruly children, whereby they ignore the child. Eventually, that child may learn that nothing good comes from being a pest. Now, in our media we exploit and popularize every negative event that occurs, what is that doing for us? No wonder we have kids shooting up schools, the media, along with video games and poor parenting, encourages it.

Maybe the American public is just so mindless that shows like "Cops" and the nightly news have to be about guns, violence, incest, rape, and death, or people wouldn't watch them. If that's the case, we are more pathetic than I thought.


Blogger A Bohemian Road Nurse said...

I agree with you. Today's news is more like a drama-drenched soap opera, "reality" shows are the new "Lord of The Flies", and movies are all starting to look violent video games.....

11:03 PM  
Blogger Alcuin Bramerton said...

Yes. This is pertinent analysis. Americans are thought to be particularly pathetic at the moment. It is their electoral credulity which most impresses the international community, I think.

12:29 PM  

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