Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I freely give emergency contraception to those who it applies to. That much should be said right now. Those of you out there that don't support medical contraception in general, let alone emergency contraception, are complete idiots. I suppose you are the same people with 11 kids you can't support and use my tax money to pay for your medical care. However, you boys and girls out there screwing without caution and getting pregnanct are even bigger idiots for obvious reasons.

I recently took care of a middle-aged woman who was raising two children on her own. Probably not that uncommon these days. From what I gathered, she hadn't had sex in quite some time. Well, single moms definitely deserve some relaxation, but her relaxation ended with one too many drinks at the bar and unprotected intercourse with a one-night stand. She sees me the next day asking/crying for help. Aside from the typical concerns about STDs, she was particularly afraid that if she took emergency contraception, she may be killing her unborn fetus. After I confirmed she was indeed not currently pregnant, I informed her of her options, and she left with a Rx for Plan B.

What you need to know...
- It is not RU-486 "The Abortion Pill"
- It will not work if you are already pregnant
- Works best if taken within 3 days of sex, may still work after, but not as well
- Usually take one pill right away and wait 12 hours to take a second dose, that's it

Two last notes. Of course abstinence works best, but let's face it, abstinence sucks. I do support emergency contraception; however, I don't think it should be given an "over the counter" label.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you confirm she was not currently pregnant?

5:59 AM  
Blogger Caduceus said...

I checked a urine pregnancy to confirm she wasn't already pregnant before the one-night stand. Once that was confirmed, she was a perfect candidate for the "morning after pill".

5:08 PM  

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