Monday, December 04, 2006


Yes, I am glad you are productive members of society (depending on how you look at it), have an education, a job, and are not a free-loading on our economy. However, if you would like to post a comment or question on this site, please stop talking out of your asses and use basic English instead of your very unimpressive legal jargon. I, along with others who read this site and its comments, would really like to be able to understand what you are saying so that I may answer appropriately. Go ahead and feel good that you know the legal lingo, but truthfully, I'm not impressed. I know some other languages as well, but don't flaunt them here to try and impress people.

I will say this though, if you are willing to put your full name, address, and cell phone or pager number with your comment (so that everyone who reads it can write or call you and let you know just how stupid you sound), I would be more than happy to allow such legal lingo on this blog. If not, just speak like a human being. If that is still too difficult for you, just don't write anything at all.


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