Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In regards to personal injury and/or malpractice lawyers, I think that anyone who makes a living in such a way must find it difficult to look at themselves in the mirror. I'm sure at some point during thier path to "greatness", they felt a flicker of humanity; however, it seems that such a flicker is momentary. Yes, I make a living off sick people...some may say that I am exploiting the sick just like those lawyers I speak of. If this is what helps you sleep at night, so be it. But I take comfort in the concept that, while mistakes will be made, I am trying to actually help the patient. These blood-suckers swoop in after mistakes are made and exploit not only the patient, but the physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies - all the while filling their pockets with no risk of being sued themselves.

For all you patients out there complaining about the rise in health care costs, look no further. I have your answer right here. As long as there are naive patients, with imperfect doctors and heartless lawyers, the amount I have to spend on malpractice insurance will increase, the amount of your insurance will increase, the cost of health care and medical bills will increase, and you will find yourself screwed. You, the patients, will ultimately be left behind in the end because lawyers will earn more, doctors will still earn a decent living, insurance companies will do just fine, and drug companies will run rampant over us all.


Anonymous Samson Isberg said...

Lawyers have never "felt a flicker of humanity" - they are psychopaths and that organ is aplastic in their brains.

Sometimes, a young or naive colleague says to me "But NN [lawyer], I know him, he seems like such a nice man" - and I always remind them: like the attorney, a dog can also be "nice", he may lick your ankles and play with your kids, he may accompany you on long walks and even get help to you in an emergency - but at heart he is an animal still, and the moment he feels that it is in his best interest, he will bite you, try to kill you and even eat you.

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