Monday, December 04, 2006


Why is it that patients who are obvious drug users actually deny drug use when you ask them? I have patients all the time who present complaining of chest pain or heart palpitations (racing heart) and deny drug use when they have very obvious track marks on the inside of their elbows. What absolute idiots.

Here's the funny thing, if I were to miss the track marks or the patient smokes crack or think that this patient really didn't do cocaine recently, one of my first line treatments for chest pain that appears to be due to their heart would be a beta blocker. OOPS! Giving a beta blocker to a crack user can kill them. But they wouldn't know that would they.

Here's an idea. If you are a patient and come to a doctor for treatment, answer every question they ask honestly. Stop being so stupid and hide the pride. We see you naked, at your worst times, and violate every physical aspect about you in an uncomfortable me, I've seen just about everything. You shouldn't feel ashamed to give an answer or have something examined, it is our job and we are simply trying to help you. Please don't make the lawyers' jobs easier by lying to us.


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