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Why do people believe that being happy in life revolves around success and what comes with success? I have spent most of my life thus far, albeit some of the most energetic and capable years of my life, ensnared with the thought that if I go to school, study hard, have a good career, and make a good living, life will be prosperous and the end. Well, life is prosperous and usually quite satisfying, but why do I feel a large void in my life?
Maybe because as child, I actually wanted to have a career focused on the ocean. Medicine as a life choice didn't enter my mind until well into college. I spent my childhood and high school days dreaming of the ocean and the life it posed for my future. Unfortunately the ocean was hundreds of miles away. I didn't care about money or trying to pay the bills, but I suppose that is one of the great privileges of being a child.
Maybe that is the destiny of our human race; to throw away everything sacred in our lives to instead focus on the innate and unimportant. To put life on hold in order to be "successful", to simply discard dreams and replace them with postcards of how things should be, to take the easy route because it is just that...easy.
I like that I am a doctor; that I help people and even feel like I actually save a life once in a while, but I often think of the effects this path has had on my life. I still dream of the ocean and what could have been. Although it is still hundreds of miles away, I can still feel that grasp it has always had on my life.
In regards to success, I think their are three true groups of people in current society. First, there are the lazy-no hope-drains on society that themselves will never account to much. They will not only waste their time on Earth, but also produce children that will likely continue in their steps. Secondly, there are the wealthy success stories. These people have it all, or at least appear that way. They are productive members of society, chair many important groups, take part in social activities, and have spouses that are only good for characters in daytime TV shows. Lastly, there are those who are simply happy and content with life and what it has dealt them while they avoid playing the "drain on society" role. These are the people enjoying what they do no matter what their income is. They had dreams as children and followed those dreams to their completion.
Our society is in trouble. Think of the three groups above. I would place a large wager that most of America, falls into one of the first two groups. How unfortunate. We are too busy worrying about the next step and not focusing on what is in front of us now. Many of us are going to find ourselves at the end of our lives, which for some turns out to be sooner than expected, regretting the chances we did not take or the life we lost.
Life should not be about "what if".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Society as a whole are the only ones that define success as someone who obtains some higher level of income that is primarily based on power. There are more than three groups of people, there is a fourth, those of us that fly by the seat of our pants, get burned, badly sometimes and still go on to follow our heart in any direction it may take us. It may be cliche but I don't care, realism is dead in my book. I'm a dreamer and so are others. The void you mention. I'm familar with that, and it won't ever be filled until your at the place you really want to be. Your gut tells you that all the time. It whether or not you chose to stop worrying about everyone else and do something for your self. It took me 25 years, 10months and 7 days and repetitvely watching a movie over and over again until I realized that. As for your "occasionally" saving a life comment, your a complete dumbass if you really think that you don't do that on a daily basis. Sometimes when its dark out, you can see the stars and in certain times of the year, Orions belt. Don't forget the dreams, its all laid out in the stars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have the perfect job for you, a combination of ocean and medicine. Be a cruise ship doc! I've moonlighted several times as a cruise ship physician. Nice pay, simple urgent care cases most of the time, free living arrangements with meals, and a free vacation to boot. It's pretty cool but admittedly there's no way that I can do it all the time. Pretty nice moonlighting gig though complete with liability coverage with a tail. Check it out. These cruise ships are always looking for physicians. EM docs are always a shoo in and actually preferred over the others.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Caduceus said...

Yes, I could definitely do the cruise ship medicine thing. But it is harder to do when you have a family I would think, or do they allow you to bring you family aboard for free as well? If that's the case, I may just work on one permanently.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. I was single then and brought along a date on each trip. They didn't mind. The both of us were covered.

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